Ross Highway Day Trip

On 6 January my wife and I drove down the Ross Highway. It was lightly drizzling most of the day, so my camera suffered from a foggy lens. Here are some of the images that came out ok.
IMGP3842 IMGP3846 IMGP3847 IMGP3849 IMGP3851 IMGP3855 IMGP3857 IMGP3858 IMGP3859 IMGP3873 IMGP3877 IMGP3884 IMGP3875 IMGP3879 IMGP3880 IMGP3881 IMGP3887 IMGP3886 IMGP3909 IMGP3891 IMGP3895 IMGP3893 IMGP3892 IMGP3890 IMGP3906 IMGP3905 IMGP3900

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