The Beginning

This is just an initial post on my new web-site.  This URL was acquired for me as a going away present by Mark and Marie Dittmer, my aunt and uncle who live in Higginsvile, Missouri. The general plan for this web-site is for it to be a forum for me to post stories of my Travels.  Please visit this site often as there is certainly more to come!!



The distance from Higginsville, Missouri to Ayers Rock, Australia is 9,686 miles as the crow flies. If 2000 steps makes a mile, and if you were to walk it, there are only 19.4 millions steps, give or take, between here and there.  It’s said the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. No telling how many you’ve already taken nor how many more will come.  But know that Life is the Journey, and it is better to Travel Well than to arrive. The key is to always keep on steppin’.

This website is our gift to you. Something to take with you where ever you go and something to leave behind where ever you’ve been. It may also help in sharing the Australian experience with your friends and family back home. We hope so.  There will surely be much to tell and much to show.

We wish you safe Journeys and endless Travels.


Uncle Mark and Aunt Marie